About Sophie Kloor

About Sophie Kloor:

I’m a rare Colorado native, born and raised in this beautiful state. I grew up in a CoHousing community full of kind, innovative and open-minded people, and was fortunate enough to be able to run around and play within 42 acres of gorgeous open space. I developed a passion for the outdoors at a young age as I explored and fell in love with the mountains and many outrageous opportunities Colorado has to offer. At age six, my family and I embarked on a fifteen month trip around the world, seeing many exotic and fascinating countries. This instilled within me a deep passion for travel and the process of discovering new perspectives and ways of life. Through traveling I learned a genuine sense of self awareness and a heightened appreciation of the world around me. Whenever I travel and return home to Boulder, CO I feel infinitely blessed and warmly greeted by this place. Those who live here remarkably fortunate to call such a sacred place home.

Aside from travel and exploration, my largest passion is music. I write and sing, play several instruments and record original music. You’ll also find me playing solo shows in the area. It is here in Boulder where I continue to build my life, my work, connect with others, explore the outdoor world and create music of all types!  

My Mission:
It is now my third year working in the residential real estate business and I feel honored to be a part of the Realty Unique team. Working with someone as detail oriented and driven as Osman is a great pleasure. He is full of passion for this work, valuable real estate knowledge and expertise of the local market, and I thrive in our team dynamic. I feel energized working in this field. This energy is largely influenced by having seen my Grandmother Amy Kloor thrive successfully as a Realtor with Mock Realty for many years. As a child, I witnessed the pride she felt in her work and was impressed by her tireless commitment to her clients. Amy had an incredible memory and attention to detail, as I myself am proud to possess. This comes in handy when dealing with the many complex aspects of real estate transactions!

As time progresses, my knowledge of the buying and selling process grows more each day. More so, I improve in my abilities with clients, helping them better understand each aspect of buying or selling that applies, in addition to making an honest and comfortable human connection. I highly value honesty, integrity, trust and believe they are the foundation of successful and happy business relationships. Striving for excellent communication, my promise is to work tirelessly until your needs are met! Being from Boulder, I have an expansive knowledge of the area. I’ve watched my town grow, change, gentrify and become what it is today. This is some of the greatest value I bring to Realty Unique and our wonderful clients. I have roots in the community that continue to deepen and feel lucky to work for such a great company in a unique field. I truly look forward to making a connection with you!

-Sophie Kloor

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