Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pass the Bong, Please [Stage This]

by Osman Parvez
Taking buyers to see student-occupied investment property in Boulder is an adventure.    More often than not, students keep their apartments in - how should I say this - less than stellar showing condition.    Walking in, you're just never quite sure what to expect.   Over the years, I've run into many surprises.   For some reason, the middle of the afternoon is a popular time to take a snooze (or maybe they're just not up, yet).  
Yesterday, I took a Boulder real estate investor to see apartments near CU.    The condo we targeted did marginally well on the cash flow side of the analysis, but really shone from a location standpoint.   When we arrived, we found ourselves a little distracted (and concerned) by one student's bedroom.   It looked like it belonged to a celebrity on one last drug fueled ride to a fast exit.  

Yes... I'm calling the listing agent because I'm concerned about someone's kid mixing prescription drugs, booze, and marijuana.       There are a few real estate lessons here too.

Tips for Sellers
This seems sort of obvious, but put away your prescription and non-prescription drugs.     And while you're at it, take care of the empties, booze bottles, and  last night's dishes.    It also wouldn't hurt to pick up and make the beds.

If you're the landlord, I strongly recommend you work out a deal with your tenants to keep the place in show condition.    On one of my recent listings, we gave the students a list of things to do before every showing and a $25 monthly gift card for positive feedback.    It worked, feedback was mostly positive and the property closed last week.

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